Tennis 3

Hello i am Balaaj and today I will talk about our last tennis session in Room 3.
Today we did volleys, we hit the ball to our partner and they hit it back to us without the ball bouncing.

Here is a photo

Maths challenge with the ningbo student

So as you would probably know about the ningbo coming over to see what it is like at New Zealand.

Solar power lesson 3

In term 2 week 5 we had our third lesson on solar power with the ningbo primary school in this lesson we were recreating our boxes from the design that we drew with our groups. when we finally had all the materials we started to try and remake our design with a cardboard box here are some examples.

   these groups were all working very hard to complete their design and they were determined to finally create their designs and have been working very hard to finalise the box 

Solar Power Slides

Room 3 has been writing about solar power on google slides with our group that we did the solar power project with.

Folk Dancing!

Folk Dancing
This term, students have the wonderful opportunity to get involved in folk dancing every Friday! Folk dancing is a great way for the students to come together and enjoy music and dance. Typically, folk dancing reflects the life of people from a certain country or culture. 
The year 5 and 6 students had their first session at it last week. Here are some photos and videos from the day! 

tak simple machines at the school

So on week 4 Monday, room 3 went around the school measuring simple machines around target road school. If you do not know these simple machines that we were discovering as well as taking photos i will tell you right now: Inclined plane and a example of that is a ramp,Next is the screw now pretty much every where has a screw, i mean come on you will have had to have seen a screw in your life man (or woman).Wedge a example of that is a crowbar.Pulley, a example of that is a crane Next up is the lever and the example of that is a door handle and last but not least is the.... WHEEL & AXLE! The final example is a car. So what we did was Miss Clampitt (our teacher) put us into group and in our groups we went around taking photos and writing down in our books what we were taking pictures of.
Here are some photos that our teacher took:

Tennis P2

Hi, I am Balaaj and today i will be talking about Tennis Session 2.

In session 2, we learnt the backhand. The backhand is when you hold your racket like this:
and then hit the ball. We also learnt how to serve, we throw the ball up into the air and then we hit it. If you were confused, look at this photo.
Here are some photos of Room 3 enjoying tennis!